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The most wanted Countries to study, by Students and Parents in which we are focused.

U.S. & Canada

UK & Australia

China & Hong Kong

Germany, EU



Top English language territories to study overseas

It has been all deserving it
 In the United States, you'll find some of the world's best college and universities, and it is no shock that so many Iranian and International students choose to get their degrees here in the U.S.. Although the application process for the US universities and colleges may be some kind of intimidating, once you admit you will realize that it has been all deserving it.

Added value gained by "Study in the U.S. of America"
 The diversity of cultures and cities in the United States is an encouragement to extend your academic extents. The view of this experience and the quite number of world-class universities and colleges are principal parts that make the US the premiere destination for international students. 🤔 The US academic prominence for quality, coupled with the comprehensive curriculum offered at its institutions is valued by students and employers alike.

U.S. Online Education for International Students
Getting an international degree from a top-tier online university in the United States is not only possible but can be an excellent step to set you apart from the job race. Online education can help international students adapt themselves to the U.S. system and accelerate their progress toward a degree. Even if you have not yet known what you want to study, you can find undergraduate degrees that will let you explore the options while getting a solid foundation of knowledge to get you the career of your dreams. Online learning in the U.S removes constraints. Now open doors to your ideal desires.
Let ApplyPedia and Association guide you through the stages of how to apply for a US college admission and scholarships. 

U.S. Online Education for International Students - Civil Engineering

U.S. Online Education for International Students - Urbanism and Infrastructure

U.S. Virtual Embassy for Iranian Students Guidance

Why study in the UK?
 A UK education unlocks doors, wheresoever you go in the world. Besides, a UK education will give you the competitive edge in any career. The UK has been the favored choice for some of the most significant minds in history. One in four world leaders has studied in the UK, so if you’re considering achieving big things, you can be sure you’re in the right place to study and grow in the UK.
Study options in the UK
Students can choose Foundation, Year One or Pre-Masters and Pre-doctoral university pathways from a broad choice of dedicated International Study Centers located at many of the leading universities in the UK.
Study in the UK achievements
A higher standard of education
Short, flexible courses
Experience adventurous student life
Access world-leading research
Cutting-edge technology acquainting and employing
Fully Support and guidance to improve employability skills
UK Online Education for International Students
Online learning, also known as distance education, is a great way to experience the UK education system without leaving home. UK institutions offer a variety of full-time degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels as well as individual courses. Classes are facilitated through a variety of methods, including websites, mobile apps, email, telephones, and more. To receive credit from a UK institution for distance learning, the student usually pays a tuition fee

UK Online Education for International Students - Civil Engineering

In ApplyPedia we provide specially designed, university-recognized courses that help you to gain the academic, English language and learning standards you need to succeed, giving you the best possible start to your UK education.

And much more you can read here at Study across the Great Britain  

To Study in Canada
Canada has become a booming hub for international students. Study in Canada has become a trend among international students and the families. Advantageous and fortunate alongside with studying in Canada is apparent to everyone. There are numerous positions for a very wide range of academic persons. They cover wide variety of study options ranging from undergraduate diplomas to master’s degrees. Online Education has facilitate it (To Study in Canada) unbelievably! 

Canada Online Education for International Students
To all high school pupils seeking a quality education: You can attend a Canadian Virtual High School from anywhere! Students from all over the world choose Virtual High School as they work towards earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The OSSD is recognized by universities and colleges around the world! Iranian pupils (and other international student) does not require a study permit to take online courses at Virtual High School. However, if they plan to physically enter Canada in order to study, they may need a specific visa or permit. Please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information on entrance and residency permits and visas.
A Distance-learning master's choices provide many opportunities for professional advancement. The fully online self-paced study gives employed students the time flexibility needed to balance work and studies. By using the latest advancements in communication technology, online masters open the way to new business opportunities by building networks of students with mutual goals. Remote studies offer lower tuition fees while preserving content quality and teacher involvement as on-campus master’s programs.
Become a Canadian citizen, Big achievements are taken by small actions …
Let the ApplyPedia and Association guide you through the stages of how to apply for Canadian college admission and scholarships. 

Discover how to be an innovative, agile thinker
  Australian institutions are consistently ranked in the world’s top 100 universities every year. As the global market growths for entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers, academic centers in Australia have re-designed their methods to teaching and learning to encourage thought-leading creativity with students in every discipline. It's the reasons when you study in Australia, you will join more than half a million international students from 192 countries who have been welcomed into Australian life!
Access extensive student support services
 While studying, you can work up to 20 hours per week during the term and full-time during the term split. Australia's Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS ACT) framework enforces by law the best-practice safeguard for the rights of international students studying in Australia. And by finishing your university degree in Australia, you may also be qualified to stay and serve in Australia, an Australian qualification will make you a very attractive potential employee to employers around the world.
Australian Online Education for International Students
We're Australia's destination for online higher education. Get ready to meet the challenges of online learning head-on. Boost your study skills to get the most maximum out of your degree. Offering thousands of courses from leading Australian academies, there are many resources in Australia range from government to not-for-profit dedicated to helping international students access quality online education. Undergraduate to Postgraduate studies for Iranian students are well designed to proceed. Just trust ApplyPedia to deliver up-to-date information to you. The first step toward Study Abroad in Australia for Iranian Students.
(study in Australia, Guideline by its government)

Top Non-English language countries for International study 

The best European places to study abroad for Iranian Students
In European destinations for international students' what are the most concerned, Finland, Norway, and Germany to study in. But what attracts international and Iranian students to these countries? Simply can be told that;
Their free-tuition policies , More information about "study abroad free" by ApplyPedia (Fa),

Study in Germany as a top place for Iranian Students
In ApplyPedia, we are about to promote information of Germany as an excellent location for higher education studies for Iranian scholars, furthermore boosting the number of highly qualified Iranian-international students at German higher education institutions.
 For more info please visit:
English-Taught Online Universities in Germany: Study Abroad from Home!
Have a taste of Online Education in Germany 

 Study in China
Investment in higher education in China has been huge in recent years, making it an interesting option to students interested in study overseas. There are now almost 3,000 academic institutions across it.  China, determined for its universities to be deemed world-class, launched project 211 in 1995 and project 985 in 1998, to focus on bringing its 100 top universities to the forefront of the higher education. You can add the ‘C9’ league project (elite education) to it.
 Study in China info
There are currently close to 500,000 international students studying at Chinese universities, while most international students come from Japan, the US, Thailand, South Korea and India.
The number of international students has increased thanks to the government’s new improved scholarship scheme, which nearly 60,000 students from abroad receive financial aids in 2017.
International students are eligible to apply for the Chinese government award Program. The scholarship covers all living expenses and student fees. The grant is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students for study at 243 Chinese universities. 
Read in Persian  "Study in China, a guidance for Iranian Students". 
Online Education in China

Indian academic institutes within top 100 Asian Universities
System of higher education in India is the third-largest in the whole world. Especially Engineering Departments have been well known in India's higher education successively. Furthermore, many Indian higher education institutions are in the top 100 Asian Universities (following QS and The World University rankings of 2018). 
The Best Reasons to study in India for Iranian students
Most university and academic contents have been delivering by English language, ease of communication which would be very enjoyable by the International scholars and Iranian students. Studying at Indian universities provide opportunities to experience local cultures and traditions while ensure an exciting campus life. In short words:
If you are looking to experience culture, art, tradition, heritage, history, innovation, and creativity and be part of a dynamic education system, India is the place to be! 
India has one of the best Online Education; 
(Have a taste of Indian education by joining at:(Online Study Platform, India - ApplyPedia)

 Why study in Japan?
One of the factors that contributed to Japan's economic growth as a preeminent country of Monozukuri manufacturing despite limited sources is knowledge and technology backed by an excellent education. Japan has been offering many products using state-of-art science, technology, and medicine to the world, including electric vehicles, digital cameras, optical fibers, and the artificial heart. Japanese academies focus not only on academic achievements but also on the development of human quality.
 Fascinating Culture
Japanese are known to have a earnest nature and connect importance on discipline. In Japan, the "Omotenashi" hospitality, which is a spirit to care about the guest with the highest priority, is deeply rooted and international students are welcomed warmly. 
 Conductive Living Environment
With its low criminality rate Environment, on time, safely and securely public transportation system, well-established health insurance system; Japan is a tolerant country where freedom of religion and thought is guaranteed by the constitution. About 140,000 international students from more than 170 territories of the world studying at higher educational institutions in Japan.
Taste the Online Education in Japan at:
Open Learning in Japanese academic units 

There are numerous online learning communities in the top eight territories for curious students …

Be the curious!